The Importance of Expense Management Systems for Kenyan Businesses

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Kenyan businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to managing expenses effectively. To overcome these challenges and ensure efficient financial tracking, implementing expense management systems has become essential. This blog explores the reasons why Kenyan businesses need to have expense management systems in place, the challenges they face without… View Article

Why Virtual Cards Are An Essential Tool for Tracking Online Ads

Buying digital media on behalf of your clients or even for your company creates a huge amount of admin and budgeting issues. A proper spend management solution can change this. Virtual cards are the ideal alternative to company credit cards. In fact, virtual cards have gained traction over time. In fact, statistics show that the… View Article

5 Reasons Why Boya is An Ideal Expense Management Platform for Your Business

Getting your financial management right could be the first step in your business success journey.  One way to achieve this is by ensuring that your business continuously invests in smart-tech-based financial platforms that provide a better track of their company expenditure. As with many other aspects of your business, technology can help reduce the burden… View Article

4 Spend Control Tactics for Your Business

There are multiple components within your company that contribute to how effectively you run it. One major component is spend control. While it is frequently stated that you need to spend money so that you can make money, how your business spends money is a huge contributor to your business’s success. As a result, spend… View Article

ROI on Expense Management Software and Why You Should Consider One

Processing expense reports can be notoriously tedious not only for employees who are needed to account for funds but also for the finance department who don’t enjoy the labor-intensive workflow of recording, submitting, reviewing, and reimbursing expenses. Luckily with the advancement in technology expense management software can help automate the entire process, saving companies valuable… View Article

Virtual Cards // 7 Great Real-time Benefits to Organisations

As the world quickly becomes digitized and everything quickly moves online, alternative payment methods continue to grow in popularity across the business-to-business (B2B) landscape, as digital channels offer important advantages over traditional, paper-based schemes.    Virtual cards are one notable payment option, and their growth momentum in the business-to-business (B2B) space cannot be ignored.  In fact,… View Article

Cash flow Management // 5 Great Ways Your Business can Ace it

Cash flow Management is the foundation of all businesses and a key to the long-term business success Despite this, many business owners often find it challenging to accurately manage business cashflow. In fact, a study by QuickBooks, “The State of Business Cash Flow” showed that the majority of businesses around the world (61%) struggle with… View Article

Why you need an Expense Spending Policy in your Company

Every company needs an expense policy that is understood by all and sundry in the organization. Everyone from the most junior to the most senior employee needs to learn the policy by heart so as to avoid cases of accidental spending or cases where an employee expects to be reimbursed money spent against the company… View Article

End the Incessant Tug of Wars Between the Finance and Operations teams with Boya

End the Incessant Tug of Wars Between the Finance and Operations teams with Boya Finance and operations teams functions are at most times in conflict in many organizations. While finance team functions are optimized to get the most out of every dollar, operations team functions are optimized to get the most out of every hour. … View Article

The Ultimate Guide to Boya Prepaid Cards

Are prepaid cards becoming the new way businesses can handle purchases? Let’s take a look at a typical example – Boya’s prepaid Visa cards. With the consolidation of many financial services into the digital space, you might be wondering if the future of banking is here yet. Are prepaid cards becoming the new way businesses… View Article

Maximize Your Business Efficiency with Expense Management

One way to achieve business efficiency is by having a record of your cash flow and one way to do this is through implementing an expense management strategy. A few years ago, managing expenses was a chaotic, time-consuming process for many businesses. With employees using personal cards to make work-related payments, it was virtually impossible… View Article

7 Expense Management Best Practices

Are you struggling to gain visibility of your business expenses across banks, mobile money and cash? Expense management tools track employee spending and determine how your business will reimburse any costs incurred.