Why you need spending policies in your company

Every company needs an expense policy that is understood by all and sundry in the organization. Everyone from the most junior to the most senior employee needs to learn the policy by heart so as to avoid cases of accidental spending or cases where an employee expects to be reimbursed money spent against the company… View Article

 End the Incessant Tug of Wars Between the Finance and Operations teams with Boya

Finance and operations functions are at most times in conflict in many organizations.  While finance functions are optimized to get the most of every dollar, operations functions are optimized to get the most out of every hour.  This situation is often made worse when these functions are viewed as stand-alone. In many instances, finance is… View Article

The Ultimate Guide to Boya Prepaid Cards

With the consolidation of many financial services into the digital space, you might be wondering if the future of banking is here yet. Are prepaid visa cards becoming the new way businesses can handle purchases? Let’s take a look at a typical example – Boya’s prepaid Visa cards. Designed primarily for businesses everywhere looking for… View Article

Maximize Your Business’s Efficiency with Expense Management

 A few years ago, managing expenses was a chaotic, time-consuming process for many businesses. With employees using personal cards to make work-related payments, it was virtually impossible to track all related expenses. As a result, business owners were often left with no choice than to pull their hair out when it came time for expense… View Article

7 Expense Management Best Practices

Are you struggling to gain visibility of your business expenses across banks, mobile money and cash? Expense management tools track employee spending and determine how your business will reimburse any costs incurred.

Business and Personal Finance Management For SMEs

The fast-paced nature of running Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often results in not having enough time to track your expenses and payments. However, doing so is the best way to keep your business on track.